AMVETS Nominations

To be voted on May 10, 2021 1200-1800

Executive Board

Commander:  Leon Fields

1st Vice:  Eric Snead

2nd Vice:  Jeff Fowler

Finance Officer:  Teresa Spangler

Judge Advocate:  Steve Woods

Adjutant:  Mike Moore

Provost Marshall:  Dan Rogers

Delegates for State Convention May 21,22,23, 2021

David Overstreet

Steve Wood

Gene Full

Mark Campbell

Larry Lester

Jeff Fowler

Leon Fields

Mike Fries

Mike Moore

Carl Kronk

Delegates for National Convention August 17 – 21  2021

Mark Campbell

Steve Woods

Mike Fries

Leon Fields

Larry Lester

Davis Luck

Alternates:  David Overstreet   

                  Butch Campbell

                  Carl Kronk


3 YR:  Vic Simpkins

2 YR:  Barry Doss

1 YR:  Mark Campbell

1 YR:  Larry Lester

1 YR:  Owen Milles

       Eddie Dull


Jim Barron

Harley Dishon

Sons Of AMVETS Officers

Commander- David Snead

1st Vice- Greg Prinz

2nd Vice- Dan Grayson

3rd Vice- Andy Deeds

Adjunct- Merle Wirtz

Finance Officer- Mark Rogers

Judge Advocate- Ethan Duckworth

Provost Marshal- Gerald Booth

Chaplin- David Snead


Ladies Auxiliary

To be voted on at May Monthly Meeting at 6:30 PM

President - Bonnie Thacker

First Vice- Dawn Campbell

Second Vice - Rhonda Casey

Third Vice - Betty Woolwine

Treasurer- Debbie Bondurant

Americanism- Janette Leech

Sgt. At Arms- Jackie Duckworth and Tammy Rogers.

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